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Hydrogen Production from Waste

Synthesise hydrogen-rich syngas from a low-cost carbon source and eliminate the environmental issues from conventional waste management.


HyWay is at the forefront of synthesising hydrogen-rich syngas from low-cost carbon sources such as plastic waste, waste tires, waste biomass, and crude glycerol, addressing the environmental issues associated with conventional waste management methods like landfill and incineration. Our project enhances carbonaceous waste management through advanced hydrogen production techniques, setting new standards in the field.

At HyWay, we foster long-term research collaborations among institutions with complementary expertise, aiming to design and develop carbon-neutral, scalable, and socially acceptable methods for converting waste into sustainable fuels. Our collaborative network includes seven member states and associate country universities and companies, alongside eight third country partners from China, Japan, Australia, and Malaysia.

We are committed to promoting professional growth and interdisciplinary learning through secondments, workshops, webinars, and industry-focused events, creating a vibrant, multicultural environment for career development. Our research results fuel a comprehensive suite of training materials, including courses on waste sorting, chemical recycling technologies, process modelling, and techno-economic analysis, designed for postgraduate students and industry professionals.

HyWay also emphasises the development of transferable skills through dedicated training activities, enhancing personal, technological, and communication capabilities. Join us in paving the way for next-generation sustainable fuels and a cleaner, greener future.

Our Partners

HyWay is to establish long-term consolidated research collaborations between the participating institutions with complementary expertise and knowledge to design and develop carbon-neutral, scalable, and socially acceptable pathways to sort and convert waste to hydrogen-rich syngas as part of next generation sustainable fuels.


20,21 Aug
1st HyWay Training School


The 1st HyWay Training School will be hosted at the University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK between 20-21 Aug 2024. The training school is in hybrid mode and is open to all university students at all levels with free of charge. Students can register to confirm their in-person participations

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Secondee: Dr Yeshui Zhang

Secondee: Dr Yeshui Zhang

Secondee: Mr Yi Yang

Secondee: Mr Yi Yang

Secondee: Tianheng Qin

Secondee: Tianheng Qin